Why Choose East Point Consulting

East Point Consulting specializes in delivering comprehensive data analytics and strategic solutions exclusively tailored for Higher Education clientele. Our extensive experience in successfully executing a multitude of higher education projects, and our deep understanding of the distinctive challenges and intricacies faced by universities, gives us a competitive edge compared to traditional consulting services companies.

Learning Management Solutions for Higher Education

Tailored Solutions

Our specialized small business offers highly relevant and customizable services designed to address common higher education challenges, including enrollment management, student retention, accreditation, and academic program optimization.

Cultural Alignment

We prioritize building long-term relationships with our clients; aligning culturally with the institution, understanding its values, mission, and unique challenges, thereby ensuring ongoing support and a deep understanding of your institution's evolving needs.

Domain Expertise

Our specialized consultants understand the context and nuances of higher education, its unique challenges, regulations, and best practices. This expertise ensures tailored solutions that directly address your institution's needs.

Network & Partnerships

Benefit from our leadership team's combined seven decades of experience, providing valuable networks and partnerships in the higher education sector for enhanced access to resources, best practices, and potential collaborators.


Stay attuned to emerging trends and innovations within higher education, we help our partner institutions stay competitive and swiftly adapt to changing dynamics.

Cost Efficiency

Our goal is to always provide cost-effective solutions most suitable to the institution's core needs, without extraneous services that may come from a general consulting firm. We deliver quicker results without the need to spend time learning about general Higher-Ed intricacies.