Empowering Institutions with Unparalleled Academic Expertise

EPC's expertise in academic data empowers institutions to make well-informed decisions, enhance academic programs, and foster ongoing improvements in teaching and learning. We achieve this through the development of customized Student data models that comprehensively cover the student lifecycle, from Recruitment and Admissions through Enrollment to Graduation

Student Success Enhancement through Academic Data Analytics

As a premier Higher Education consulting firm EPC offers unmatched expertise in the academic data domains of Higher Ed institutions. Our deep comprehension of the distinct academic reporting requirements within these institutions forms the bedrock of our services. We understand that, for higher-ed institutions, academic excellence isn't merely a goal; it's an intrinsic mission. Deans, college heads, department chairs, and academic leaders demand accurate, up-to-the-minute insights across various functional areas to steer strategic decisions and uphold the institution's reputation as a trailblazer in research and education.

We deeply understand the importance of accreditation and compliance within academic and research institutions. EPC stands firmly beside these institutions, aiding them in thorough preparation for accreditation reviews. Our meticulous organization and presentation of academic data mirror the institution's unwavering dedication to academic excellence and research eminence. Ultimately, our data-driven approach not only streamlines curriculum enhancements but also nurtures innovation, aligning the institution's academic strategies with its overarching mission as a leading light in research and higher education.

How EPC can help you achieve Academic Data Excellence?

Student Success Enhancement: EPC supports universities in using academic data analytics to identify at-risk students, improve retention rates, and enhance over all student success.

Curriculum and Enrollment Analysis: EPC excels in analyzing academic data related to curriculum planning, course scheduling, and enrollment trends, aiding universities in optimizing academic offerings.

Single-Source of Truth: EPC ensures that academic data sets, constructed for all internal purposes, seamlessly conform to accreditation standards and regulatory prerequisites. This commitment supports universities in fulfilling all their internal reporting needs while maintaining compliance and seamlessly addressing their ongoing external reporting obligations.