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Transforming Higher Education Through Data Integretion Solutions

East Point Consulting specializes in providing data integration and strategic solutions to Higher Education clients. We have a proven track record of successfully completing numerous Workday Data Integration projects in higher-ed, providing us with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and complexities faced by universities.

East Point Consulting

Data Management

Our team of seasoned consultants boast specialized knowledge in Higher Education, offering comprehensive Information Technology solutions to address your specific needs. With a core emphasis on data analytics and decision support, we're dedicated to helping our clients extract valuable insights from their enterprise systems, delivering actionable intelligence to steer strategic success.

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Advanced Learning Systems for Higher Education


Institutional Transformation

Institutional transformation with respect to data analytics in higher education involves a fundamental shift in how universities and colleges leverage data to improve their operations and achieve strategic goals...

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Enterprise Data Management

EDM aims to address the challenges associated with managing several diverse and disparate data sources efficiently. EDM in higher education is a multifaceted approach that encompasses established practices...

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Decision Support & Analytics

East Point Consulting offers a range of services to assist higher education institutions in establishing and enhancing Decision Support and Analytics capabilities. East Point Consulting's services are tailored ...

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Unifying and integrating data from every possible relevant source is essential for higher education institutions to harness the full potential of their data. East Point Consulting's expertise in Higher Educational...

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Streamlining Education Processes with Advanced Learning Tools

Functional Expertise

At East Point Consulting, we recognize that the landscape of higher education is multifaceted, encompassing both administrative and academic domains. Our dedicated team of experts brings extensive experience and a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by universities, colleges, and academic institutions.

Systems Expertise

Drawing from over 60 years of collective experience, East Point Consulting brings an extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise to cater to the distinctive business demands spanning the functional and data system domains of Higher Education. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in Business Intelligence services empowers educational institutions to make confident

Strategic Enterprise Data Services for Educational Excellence

Data Culture Development

EPC works with institutions to foster a data-driven culture. This involves promoting the value of data-driven decision-making at all levels, from administrative decisions to academic research

Data Governance Framework

EPC assists in establishing a robust data governance framework, including roles, responsibilities, and processes for data management, privacy, security, and compliance. This framework ensures that data-related decisions align with the institution's objectives and are carried out consistently across departments

Data Visualization and Tools

EPC introduces institutions to advanced data visualization tools and software. We provide training on tools that make complex data more accessible and understandable, thereby promoting better data-driven decision-making.

Technology Implementations

EPC identifies the technology solutions necessary for your institutional roadmap's success. We help select and implement data analytics tools, reporting systems, data warehousing solutions, and integration platforms. This ensures that the institution can effectively collect, store, analyze, and share data for informed decision-making

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