Unmatched Administrative Expertise to Unlock Strategic Insights

EPC stands at the forefront of administrative data excellence, offering a unique array of consulting services and products meticulously customized to address the specific business and operational requirements of Central Support Units, Colleges, and Departments throughout campus. Our focus is on providing all levels of the organization with comprehensive administrative reporting solutions, enabling key stakeholders to make well-informed decisions with confidence.

Experience Seamless Integration with Administrative Data Excellence

For the highest echelons of university leadership, such as the offices of the President and Provost, EPC provides executive-level reporting solutions that offer strategic insights into institutional performance. . These reports are precisely crafted to the user's specification and preferences to provide valuable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making and the attainment of overarching institutional objectives.

At EPC, we understand the pivotal importance of university administrators in the stewardship of their institutions. This recognition fuels our expertise in operational data management, where we provide tailored support to Chief Financial, Budget, and Human Resources Officers. Our core objective is to improve processes, ensure compliance, and facilitate informed decisions that are crucial to the institution's financial well-being and workforce management.

Drawing from our firsthand experience of the administrative complexities tied to substantial sponsored research awards, EPC has crafted bespoke data models designed to streamline reporting for all aspects of sponsored research. These data models seamlessly integrate information from Research, Financial, HCM, and Building Management systems, enhancing and simplifying the generation of operational and management reports.

Achieve Administrative Data Excellence with EPC

Executive-Level Reporting: EPC excels in delivering executive-level reporting solutions that are finely tuned to meet the unique needs of the President, Provost, and other Chief Officers. These solutions ensure they have access to precise insights relevant to their specific roles, empowering them to make well-informed, data-driven decisions

Specialized Administrative Reporting: EPC specializes in designing and implementing custom administrative reporting solutions that are tailored to address the distinct reporting requirements of users at every level of the organization; spanning various functional domains such as Sponsored Research Administration, Financial & Workforce Management, Budget Planning and more.

Data Integration & Reporting Proficiency: EPC has mastered the skill of seamlessly integrating diverse administrative data sources, creating a cohesive perspective of vital metrics sourced from various systems. These insights are presented through visually engaging and highly functional role-based dashboards.

Strategic Insights: EPC leverages administrative data analytics to furnish universities with actionable insights, enabling evidence-based decision-making that actively supports the achievement of institutional goals.